Building and sale of luxury properties

We make our clients’ dream home a reality: design, luxury, and comfort

Luxury homes in magical Engadin

Surrounded by the magical and evocative atmosphere of Engadin, we identify and select the best locations to build our luxury properties.  

We seek for places where natural beauty becomes the ideal setting for an unforgettable stay, where the living experience is elevated to something higher: a dream. 

Sale of luxury properties

Our luxury properties are situated in Switzerland, set amidst natural paradises where relax reigns supreme and breath-taking landscapes are the absolute protagonists.

We are pleased to accompany our clients throughout the decision-making process when it comes to choosing their dream home. Assessment and comparison tools are provided in our showrooms to guide and help customers find the style that better suits their homes. 

Elegant homes in St.Moritz

We carefully select the best and most refined finishes and furniture for our elegant homes in St. Moritz.

Situated in the most stunning locations, immersed in nature or with lake-view, our properties stand out for their utmost comfort and highest security level.
The prestigious, inspiring context is ideal for luxury properties and meets the highest aesthetic and design standards.

Renovation of elegant apartments

Building and sale of luxury properties

Furniture and interior design