The picturesque sun-kissed village of La Punt Chamues-ch is nestled between rocky mountains and fragrant pine forests in the Upper Engadine. Chesa Plaz originates here, adjacent to the Inn River, on the edge of the forest and at the bottom of the Chamuera Valley, the oldest in the Engadine.

This traditional Engadine-style property was built in 1792 as a farmer’s house. Over the years it was converted into a Garni Hotel, and then completely restored between 2010 and 2013 into luxury apartments, some split over several levels. 

The facade of the property overlooks the main square of the village and is considered a historical heritage of the Grisons Monuments Service. The exterior has been restored according to the original style of the house, with decorations on the facade and a front door in classic Engadine style. Still present is the side of the original barn, now converted into a large window with a view of the river.

The interior retains the original style in the arches, window shapes and in the floor’s elevation differences, typical of farmhouses. The luxury apartments feature natural and valuable materials such as stone and wood, combined with the best technology to ensure all comforts.