Villa Singer, born in the late 1800s as a noble house, represents a relevant symbol in the memory of the residents of Celerina. Mrs. Singer, an intellectual and cultured woman, built the first school in the small village of Celerina, enabling the education of the locals and giving great prestige to the whole area.

The facade and garden, designed by renowned architect Nicolaus Hartmann, are considered part of the historic and artistic heritage of the Engadine and protected by the Grisons Monument Service. During the exterior restoration works, the original style of the house was preserved and a new light was given to the garden, which still retains its shape for the passage of carriages.

The renovation entailed the construction of a new staircase body lined with stone, with a large Murano glass chandelier and an elaborate ceiling with details taken from architect Hartmann. The interior features 4 apartments that enhance and respect all historical and artistic features. Special attention was given to every detail, using materials and technologies of the highest level, as well as what made the renovation an innovative and unique project.