Founded in the mid-1970s in the canton of Bern, Hübeli was immediately involved in the construction of new houses in Münchenbuchsee. From the beginning, we have been building and renovating fine properties, using state-of-the-art construction techniques and design in harmony with the environment.

Today, thanks to our many years of experience, we are one of the leaders in the construction, renovation and sale of luxury properties in St. Moritz, Celerina, Silvaplana, La Punt and the rest of the Engadine.


We seek exclusive locations in the enchanting Engadine setting, where we can design luxury homes in harmony with nature. Our personality can be seen in the attention to detail, such as the care of the decorations on the facades and the search for materials and finishes for the interiors.

Our creativity is nourished by a passion for style, expressing itself through aesthetic research in connection with tradition, technique and craftsmanship. This aspect comes to life in the realization of our projects.


Andrea Künzi

President and CEO

Antonella Guazzini

Managing Architect and COO

Giulia de Merich

Account Manager

Nicola Mazza

Construction Manager

Mattia Abram

Technical Designer

Alessia Triulzi​

Administration and Accounting